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Hays Kansas. A Little Bit of City. A Lot of Hometown

Are you one of the 16.4% that want a better home, or are you in the 10.3% that got a great new job? Maybe you’re one of 7.4% who want to own their place and can’t swing it in some city somewhere.

Maybe you’re searching for a real community where neighbors talk over the fence or perhaps it’s the University, the arts, great food and clean music-filled streets. Maybe it’s vibrance with some verve.

Whatever the reason, if moving is on your horizon, invest some time. Take a closer look at Hays, Kansas. Chances are good that whatever you’re looking for is here.

Let’s start with fresh air. Hays is a safe clean place with lots of fresh air. There’s room to spread out but not so much that you get lonely. On a clear night, you can see the stars, and there’s nothing better than a moonlit picnic at the lake.

Now, let’s talk about work. We know that life comes at a frenetic pace, and so can work. There is work here – a lot of it – especially now that remote is ‘in’ and here to stay. Since you can get fiber optic internet in Hays, working from home is a cinch, and so is collecting that big city salary in case your choice is to live here but work there. Oh, and don’t you worry because if traveling for work is required, the Hays Airport is a finger snap away with flights every day.

If the outdoors is your thing, you’ve got lakes for boating and fishing, and the prairie for walking, hiking or hunting. There’s the Hays Aquatic Park, two fantastic golf courses and a sparkling new recreation center with a well-appointed weight room, basketball and volleyball courts, and all kinds of fitness classes.

Hays is a healthy place to live, but if you happen to get sick, don’t fret. HaysMed is here. It’s part of the University of Kansas Health System, and a well-connected high-quality healthcare facility with a mission to provide excellent care to this part of rural America.

And, because COVID is still not in the rear-view mirror, your concern is well tended to here and so are mitigation efforts to keep the disease at bay. Ellis county has a very low number of new cases each week. Also, risk is quite low given there are nearly 21,000 residents in Hays.

Take the time to check us out. Revel in the sense of community. Take advantage of shopping, great food, and less expensive housing. Get a sense of the wild west that’s tech-savvy too. And take a deep breath of sparkling clean air.

If you’re ready to make the move to Hays, Kansas, contact one of our highly qualified agents. Ask them about why they love living in the Hays area. Also, check out the currently available properties in our area. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to calling Hays your new home.

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