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Fall 2020 Hays, KS Area Real Estate Update

Robert Readle here with your Caldwell Banker Executive Realty fall market update. Selling season is winding down and sales volume is returning to normal levels. In fact, September was remarkably normal, and I say that because on a year to date basis our sales numbers are far ahead of 2019 levels.

Perhaps that normalization is due to the draw down in inventory. This limited inventory is causing sale prices to be near 97% of the list price it has also caused our homes to pick from to fall by 26% since last year. This made our market very competitive and homes are selling very quickly. Which might lead some homeowners to decide to try and do it themselves but take caution.

Home prices are up over 10% since last year and trying to do it yourself may end up costing far more than engaging in a professional. So, if you have been thinking about selling your home, reach out to any one of our highly qualified professionals here at Caldwell Banker Executive Realty.


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