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Fall 2019 Hays, KS Area Real Estate Update

Robert Readle here with your fall market update - selling season is winding up for the year so we are seeing some wide variations in the market data. For the month of October, there was only $2.7 million in real estate sold this year which is quite a bit less than last October which was $3.3 million. However, year to date sales are just over $37 million in 2019 which is almost identical to last year’s sales, which were $37.5 million at this point in 2018.

The average sales price is right in line with years past at about $170,000, but the amount of time it is taking to sell a house has fallen quite a bit this year. In fact, ever since late this summer, homes have been selling in 4 months or less. This is really encouraging since it was taking over 6 months for the average home to sell early this year.

We are still seeing very low inventory. The amount of homes to choose from this year is the lowest it has been in over 4 years. So if you have been thinking about listing your home, there is no better time than now. Reach out to one of our trusted professionals here at Coldwell Banker Executive Realty to get started today.


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